Castle Dome City Mines, Museum Ghost Town, Arizona
Visited 28 Jan 2003

From the world's largest silver galena ore bar, to the oldest Levis.

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Castle Dome is a peak in the Gila Mountains that are located in southwestern Arizona. The first mining venture was recorded in 1858 and the last operation was in 1964.The museum contains many tools and artifacts found in the Castle Dome City district. This drill was from a later period in the mines operation.
Some of the miners could afford to build a wood cabin to live in. This is how a typical cabin would have looked.They used different methods to mine the silver galena. One method was a head frame.They also had mine shafts that went down to 300 ft below the surface. This was the entrance to the elevator shaft.
The miner's would wear their normal clothes to the mine; then change into their work clothes. The Levis were never washed or mended and worn to theadbare.The supervisor had a wood frame canvas tent as his office.The Mercantile carried all the items needed for living. These can foods were brought in from the East and Midwest.
The Mercantile carried a complete line of medicines and clothes accessories. The community had a church for the miners.The Sheriff's Office had a one cell jail. This iron door was the entrance to the cell.
The Cantina provided the location for the miners to buy liquor and meet with friends.This is an entrance to a mine where the galena silver was mined.The tunnels in the mines were narrow and low.
The ore was hauled from the mine entrances in cars on the tracks to the wagon loading area.The community had a well digging piece of machinery for digging for water. 

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