Joshua Tree National Park
Visited 30 January 2002

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When driving into the park from the South you climb to 4000 ft. elevation. On clear days the blue sky and mountains are all around you. When walking in the desert you have to watch for the Bigelow Chollo cactus. It loves to put a sticker in you that requires pliers to remove.
As you drive North from the Cottonwood Visitor Center you encounter these huge rock formations. It appeared that the rocks were sandstone. The rock formations have many different shapes.
As you drive West in the park you come into the area where the Joshua trees grow. It seemed that the big ones were on the edge of the road. As you drive this part of the park, the Joshua trees grow like any other tree forest.
We saw some rock formations where the rocks had worn away and left one sitting on top of another. This was largest tree that we saw driving through the park.
On a clear day from Keys View Overlook you can see the mountains in Mexico. Today, the temperature was about 30 degrees and the wind was blowing about 30 mph. As I was walking down my road I had to investigate this cool deep cranberry car. When I got closer, some Yorkie started barking at me.

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