Queen Mine, Bisbee, Arizona
Visited 11 March 2002

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This was the mine entrance that the train entered and exited. These were called "drift shafts" because they went in through the side of the hill.The visitors ride on a train into the mine. No mention if this was the same kind of train the miners used to get into the mine.The miners were always looking for this particular kind of mineral in the rock. This particular mineral was the basis for copper.
Our tour guide was showing how the drill was used to drill the holes for the dynamite. In the late 1800's, the miners used 4 lb sledge hammers to drill the holes.This rock arch was left in place to hold up the roof of the area.The tunnel is shored up with 12" x 12" timbers which the men placed themselves.
This vehicle was used by the Supervisor to travel the many miles of the mine. Notice it was built using bicycle parts. The rock was pushed to chutes that were connected to gates. The mine cart operator would open the gate to fill the cart with rock. In the 1930's the miners started to use drills that used water and compressed air. They drilled holes that were 18 inches apart.
The mine used vertical shafts to get as deep as 3000 feet below the ground. The elevator cage was run by an operator not the miners.This two hole porta potty was available for the miners. No mention of how often it was empted or where. 

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