When the weather in the Seattle area was dark, cloudy and wet it was time to look south and find sunshine and warmth. Initially the plan was to drive the Oregon and California coasts from Astoria to San Diego. But the weather in the Northwest precluded traveling the Oregon coast when landslides closed US 101 in two places.

But, that wasn't going to stop us from driving the California coast. But the weather intervened again and closed US 101 south of Eureka and at Big Sur.

To see some of the details check one of the segments from the list on the below. The day we traveled a segment is listed below the segment map.

Seattle to Cresent City, CA
to Placerville, CA
to Huntington Beach, CA
to San Diego, CA
to Yuma, AZ
to Tucson, AZ
to Mesa, AZ
to Page Springs, AZ
to Las Vegas, NV
to Pendelton, OR

Last updated: 13 May 2000

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